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what special training firefighters have that help police with the composite sketch of a serial arsonist. an accident early this morning on 580. what the driver hit that caused her car to flip over. two daysing a felt like summer. changes yesterday, those changes continue today. will we start another warm up? and three more schools on the chopping block. decision made at an emotional late night meeting and the possible reprocushion. the morning news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us this wednesday september 8th. i'm pam cook. >> ready for a brand new day? >> yep. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. >> thank you very much. it will feel very fall-like today. we have a lot of drizzle.
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some of that is adding up to [ audio problems ] rain that's fine with me. starting to click on the old rain gauge especially along peninsula, skyline, along the coast and city. windy and cooler today. now we'll get the clouds in the morning and clear up. watch for some clouds to build up inland later this afternoon highs 60s and 70s. that's it. here's sal. good morning, steve, right now 80 westbound traffic moving along very nicely heading off to the macarthur maze. no major problems there. also this morning ice commute on southbound 101 is looking good approaching the 580 interchange. 601 back to the desk. sal, thank you. police now have a new clue in their search for a serial arsonist who has been targeting sunny vale. 15 fires have been reported in the area east of fair oaks avenue just since may. ktvu's with an update from the police. >> reporter: good morning. the new clue is a composite sketch. no new arsons overnight and no more leads on the person of
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interest. police have a person of interest because firefighters saw a man running from the scene of an arson a week ago is september 1st. sunny vale police officers and firefighters rotate jobs. so those firefighters responding to the call, those people who gave the description, they're actually police officers trained in what to look for in order to compile a description. firefighters believe the man they saw running from the scene of an arson on old francisco road on september 1st coulbe the same man in this surveillance videotape. the figure on the tape bends down. when he stands up flames grow from the spot. >> they're all occurring at the same time. all in clusters, in the same area. what's being set on fire is a combination of debris, dumpsters and a few vehicles. >> reporter: this is one of the vehicles damaged in a fire. it's not clear if the arsonist knew it, but someone was actually inside the cab when the fire started. >> fortunately for him the police officers were on the scene and able to rescue him
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out of the vehicle before he was injured or killed. so that's why, again, it's growing by intensity and severity. and trying to put a stop to this before anybody does get hurt or killed. >> reporter: this is a composite sketch of the man seen running from that fire. there were nine set on september 1st and 15 since may. the man described as hispanic 19 or 20 and 5 feet 8 to 5'10"- inches tall. police say he's a person of interest in this case and not a suspect. we've asked the person recording the tape why he had a camera mounted outside his building in the first place. live in sunny vale, ktvu channel 2 news. >> that police sketch he just talked about is posted on our channel 2 website at you can see it again in the web links section. it's right there on the front page. there were some tense moments in one castro valley neighborhood overnight. the trouble began around mid night when sheriff deputies received a frantic call that an armed man was inside a home on
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lucks avenue. officers surrounded the home and sealed off the neighborhood for more than an hour. en man surrendered after a negotiator arrived on the scene. investigators say it's possible the entire incident may be the result of a misunderstanding. the unanimous vote came late last night. the richmond city council will provide the money needed to keep three city schools open. o linda and grant elementary schools were on the chopping block. but it was a potential closing of kennedy high school that caused the most concern. now we talk today one kennedy high school teacher moments after last night's council vote. >> it's just a great way to start off this school year knowing that we have continuing funding that's going to keep the good things happening in our schools going. >> now some council members argue that money might be better spent on police, highway or library services. but in the end they all voted to provide the $1.5 million
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needed to keep those three schools open. concern over crime has united many people living in one east bay neighborhood. they live in bay o vista area. they've seen a dramatic increase this home burglaries in recent months. last night dozens of homeowners attended a special crime watch meeting. police gave them some tips on how to better protect their homes including watching out for neighbors and keeping an eye on each other's homes. time now 6:04. will funding for a controversial bart extension process could get the green light this morning. we're going to tell you what we've heard coming up in a couple minutes. 6:05 is the time. go back to sal to check in on traffic this morning. sal. >> going to talk about an accident that the chp is investigating from an early morning freeway crash in oakland that has one woman fighting for her life. it happened around 2:15 this morning on the 98th avenue
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offramp on 580. the woman's car flipped over as the slammed into a guard at an exit sign. had to use the jaws of life to free her from the car. she's now listed in critical condition. move along look at the east shore freeway. a bunch of flat tiers there earlier. still one car with flashers on but things are actually much better than they were. this is a look at highway 101 at the 580 interchange. traffic is moving along okay as you drive past the 580 interchange. and on the grade we're doing very well heading south. at 6:06 go back to steve. all right, sal. thank you very much. what a change compared to what we had on monday. temperatures have fallen off the tail. yesterday they started and continue today. we have way below average temperatures also the wind cranked up big time. it's going to feel very fall- like today as we have actually a cold front and rather vigorous strong low dropping in. low clouds and drizzle. there's some measurable amounts san francisco along the coast also up in the peninsula along
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skyline there have been measurable amounts. it will turn mostly sunny on the coast once we wipe out this fog in the afternoon. it's going to be windy and cooler. inland though after the morning clouds we'll get some sun then we'll see clouds building up especially to the north and east. possibility of shower especially towards the valley. but the big screaming message will be the cooler airstreaming in here. the front going through and the low dropping right along the coast. that has produced even some light rain up into northern california. right there. right there. crescent city drizzle, light rain and numerous reports around here of some drizzle. so things are changing. clouds then sun. but windy and cooler. 60s, maybe even slightly warmer on the coast today once we wipe out that fog bank. there's why. look at the temperatures aloft have just plunged minus 21 degrees compared to 24 hours ago from mt. tamalpais. that's a huge drop. on the surface we have 50s to near 60 due to the cloud cover. also south wind in advance of
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that system. now it's mild up in the sierra now that will change later on. it will turn much colder later on today and tonight. then a break and associated low spin in the atmosphere has to come by. that will help to destabilize the atmosphere which is why i'm mentioning a few showers north and east later on today. i'm just covering myself. but it will be close. fog, drizzle, that's there now. windy and cooler under partly sunny to mostly sunny skies. 50s, 60s, upper 60s, low 7 0z. quite a change. in fact low temperatures today will stay below average than into tomorrow slightly warmer after a cold morning in wind protected areas. no barn burn but back to seasonal averages as get towards the weekend. thank you, steve. 6:08 is the time right now. the f.b.i. says it found no explosives overnight on board a los angeles bound flight where a bomb threat was found scribbled on a bathroom mirror. after landing at lax the flight was taken to a remote area
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where passengers were safely able to get off that plane. investigators conducted a thorough search but found nothing. now the threatening message was found about two house before landing. the plane was coming in from bangkok. the funding for a controversial bart extension project may get the green light this morning. ktvu's jade hernandez is in oakland right now. i know you're talking to riders what time are they saying? >> reporter: dave, this morning we're live at the coliseum platform. passengerred passengers signed off. >> it would be easier if there was a connector straight to the city airport. >> i live in berkeley and it's almost as easy to go to sfo because it's roughly -- it's a little bit longer but not much because there's a direct train and no bus. >> reporter: bart riders headed to the airport hop off here at the coliseum bart station, then pay an extra $3 for a bus ride
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to the airport. now several riders found themselves scrounging for change. only one small obstacle when traveling to the oakland airport via bart. many of the riders we spoke to already heard about bart's proposal to connect the oakland airport and coliseum bart station with the tram. bart would spend between $68 and $120 in taxpayer money per new rider for the rail extension known as the tram. here's an artist rendering of what it would look like. carry riders 3.2 miles on elevated track. the total price tag set around $484 million. the federal government has already withdrawn $70 million because officials had wanted bart to analyze whether the extension would have unfair impacts on low income and minority residents. despite this, hours from now the metropolitan transportation committee will decide whether to set aside $20 million for this project. the meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. now everyone though is pushing this project.
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coming up meet the groups who say there are other cheaper options to get passengers to the airport without using the bus. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. 6:10 is the time right now. right now power is out in some bay area neighborhoods. what pg&e is trying to do to fix the problem and how it could effect some people's commute to work. also just this morning bp released its internal report on that gulf oil disaster. we'll tell you who the company blames for the deadly explosion in that massive oil spill. and president obama unveils some new plans today to try to boost the economy. i'll tell you who he says should get tax cuts and who shouldn't. coming up.
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welcome back to the morning news. we have new information on the power problems in san francisco. pg&e crews have restored power to 5,000 customers in the western edition and laurel heights neighborhoods. now there's a new power problem. here's our camera showing the area. hundreds of homes south of market area are effected. you're looking at live pictures at pg&e crews workg on the problem. it's not clear when the lights will go back on. but as sal mentioned it is effecting traffic lights and street lights in the area. be aware of that power outage in san francisco. more information as it becomes available. >> that's a big deal. time now 6:14.
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we're following a disturbing development out of iraq. an aqi soldier opened fire on a group of american troops at an iraqi army base killing two american soldiers and injuring nine more. the american troops were protecting one of their commanders during a visit to the iraqi army base. there are reports the soldier got into some kind of argument with the americans and then pulled out his weapon and opened fire. the u.s. troops fired back and killed that iraqi soldier. the two american soldiers were the first u.s. troops to be killed in iraq since the obama administration declared that combat operations there were officially over last week. today president obama announces another proposal for creating jobs and helping businesses. allison burns joins us from our washington d.c. newsroom with the details. good morning, allison. >> reporter: good morning to you, pam. just a few months before the midterm elections congress might not have the appetite for a big debate on a new economic
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recovery program, but today president obama will make a new pitch to try to boost the economy. he wants $200 billion in new tax breaks for businesses. and he wants to invest $50 billion to improve roads, rails and runways. he'll also push for letting the bush tax cuts expire for households making more than $250,000 a year. his argument is that business tax breaks will do more to stimulate the economy than extending tax rates for the wealthy. >> this economy's not hurting people to make $800,000 a year. it's hurting families that are making $40,000 a year. >> reporter: now republicans are saying that any new tax increases now will hurt the economy. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:16. this morning bp announced its results of its internal investigation of the oil rig explosion that caused the massive gulf oil spill. in the 193 page report posted
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on its website, bp blames the incident on several factors including mechanical failures, human judgments and engineering design. but the report defends the overall design of the oil well which has been criticized by industry experts. it's a good bet the san francisco's clerk office will make sure to post notice of the next board of supervisors meeting in the newspaper. that's after yesterday's supervisors meeting had to be canceled because the required notice was not posted in sunday's paper. the clerk's office says an aid sent the notice to the newspaper as usual, but the posting never made it. >> obviously we'll take all these agenda items and have a really long meeting next week. >> we're going to come back next week and express our thoughts and concerns. >> the many city residents came to the meeting to express their opinions about an . >> mr. an contentious issue.
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health care costs related to alcohol abuse but bar owners say it will hurt business. that agenda moves to the agenda for next tuesday's meeting. today the state supreme court in san francisco will hear arguments on whether governor schwarzenegger has the power to furlough state workers in order to save money. three lawsuits filed against the governor by state employees claim the state constitution does not give the governor the power to make workers take unpaid days off. the governor says it does during a fiscal emergency. now if the court agrees with the workers, they stand to win retro active pay for all of the furlough days since february 2009. 6:18 is the time. and we're getting to see traffic is slowing down a little bit in certain areas, sal. >> that's right, pam and dave. we are seeing more slow downs around the bay especially in the east bay. but certainly other places too. this is a look at highway 24 westbound as you drive up to
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the scald scald cat tunnel. i'll tell you what's a big problem, that would be livermore. all this traffic road sensors picking up slow traffic there cleaning up an oil slick from an earlier accident on 580 near the airway exit. so watch for very heavy traffic coming in from the at month pass into livermore heavier than normal. say i always see it out there, today it's even worse. so get out early if you can. 6:19. here's steve. >> quite an interesting pat earn we have today. in fact last week we talked about the possibility of lake county maybe seeing some rain this weekend. look at that. coming right down out of north west california. out towards sacramento valley that's the front that's going over us now. and then the cold unstable air for this time of year. i know. a little unusual. dropping straight down by eureka. anybody up in lake county,
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clear lake, middle town, keep an eye on the sky later on today and also late this afternoon for parts of eastern napa, so will no, parts of contra costa county could get interesting. there's the first part going by right now. and then the associated little spin in the atmosphere is right off the oregon coast. that's heading towards northern california. so temperatures have gone down. and they're continuing to go down 80 in santa rosa yesterday. 67 today. i warmed the city up because i think you'll get the fog chewed up. little more sun later on after a lot of drizzle here in the morning. 67 in walnut creek. 74 yesterday. 66 oakland and san jose from 76 to 68. 50s right now and 60s. drizzle heavy coast, bay and also higher elevations look at that. that's a very dynamic system for this time of year. fog, drizzle, windy and cooler, possible showers build up. so some sun but then clouds build up later in the afternoon off towards the east. we should also wipe out that fog later on today. 50s, 60s and very low 70s. and tomorrow morning it will be cold and sunny.
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little breezy and slightly warmer into the weekend. thank you, steve. this morning we are finding out what kind of deal oracle offered former hewlett ceo. his basally is $950 a year and he will be eligible for a bonus of up to $5 million at the end of fiscal 2011. but his former employer is now suing to keep him from joining oracle. hp says herd signed a confidentiality agreement and he could give trade secrets to oracle if he went to work there. well, the bill and me linda gates foundation promising to be more transparent. the just released annual report for the world's largest charitable foundation includes an acknowledge bl that it's too secretive and hard to work with. the foundation ceo says he's working for clear communication and hopes that will clear up confusion on the complicated grant making process. the statement is right next to the foundation priorities for the near future. time now 6:21.
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car booster seats for kids between the ages of 4 and 8 are getting safer. according to a new report the insurance institute for highway safety says 21 of the 72 car seats get a top grade. they include five made by harmmy. four made by recar o. and two others made by even no. only nine car seats got the top rating last year. you can see the complete list of all of the top rated booster seats on our channel 2 website at well, the investigation continues into that oil leak in the petaluma river. what we're now learning about the company involved and what it did not do that could have prevented that spill. out of control. wild fire rages in colorado destroying homes in its path, surprisingly good news is coming from this area. good morning. westbound 237 traffic moves well. but there are some areas that are becoming a lot more slow. we'll tell you where they are.
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ good morning. westbound bay bridge getting a bit of a back up there. golden gate is relatively fog
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free. traffic well in and out of marin county. back to the desk. thank you. a new storm could kick up the flames of the buckeye fire in hum bolt county. it's been burning about 30 miles south of eureka since monday night. one structure was destroyed by the flames. that used to be that building. but no other buildings are threatened. the fire has burned 350 acres of the grassy terrain there which is less than cal fire originally estimated. it's now 15% contained. the cause of the fire still under investigation. and at this hour more fire crews are headed to colorado as wild fire near boulder continues to rage out of control. look at these pictures. these flames have destroyed 92 structures including 53 homes. the fire has burned 11 square miles. that's an area just a bit smaller than the whole city of alameda. 3500 people have been evacuated. they have no idea when they'll be allowed to go back in to see
6:27 am
if there's anything left of their homes. if there's any good news it's the fact that no injuries have been reported at this time. learning more this morning about the company dismantling that tug boat that's been leaking up to 600-gallons of oil into the petaluma river. the alameda based salvage company was tearing down the boat for scrap metal when the leak was noticed on monday. fire officials now tell us that the company did not have a permit for the operation and the department would not have issued one. >> we would have paperwork on file with an approval and the operator would have a copy of that approval as well. >> reporter: and at this point there's no record of that? >> there's no record. no. >> authorities say the company could face fines once their investigation is complete. in the meantime the company is paying for the clean up which could take weeks to complete. now fish and game says there's no harm to wildlife in the area from this spill.
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but a fishing ban has been issued as a precaution. time now 6:27. more than a dozen fires and still no arrests. but now there's an important new clue that may help police put a serial arsonist in jail. >> reporter: good morning. i'm jade hernandez. air bart could see some changes. a crucial vote today that could effect the commute to the airport. the morning news will be right back.
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welcome back to the morning news. there's the opening bell live in new york this morning. opening it looks like the futures are indicating a slightly higher opening. we'll see those numbers in just a moment. of course a lot of tech names in the news. oracle and hp. we've been talking about them. no big economic news here in
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the u.s. but some news [ audio problems ] slightly positive this morning. >> you think bp will have an impact? >> their stock is actually up this morning oddly enough after that internal investigation. all right. we'll smile now and thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news wednesday september 8. >> i'm pam cook. time now 6:30. >> in the news surveillance camera captured imams of an arsonist at work and now police are hoping it's going to help them capture that suspect. 15 fires reported in an area east of fair oaks avenue since may. ktvu's craig joining us now with a look at the video shot by a neighbor. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the videotape is grainy, you can't see who it is but you can certainly see what they did. the videotape was taken by a neighbor. a man who lives across the street from one of nine arsons a week ago today. the man says he set up the
6:32 am
camera because of previous vandalism at his place. now watch the top of this screen. you can see the figure bend down, stand up and then run. seconds later flames grow from that same spot. >> flames on the bottom, on the right side the bottom of the back makes more and more and more. >> they're dangerous. they need to be caught. arson's a serious offense. it's nothing to play with. >> reporter: this truck was damaged by a fire at the same complex that very night. it's not clear if the arsonist knew it or not, but there was a man sleeping in the truck when it caught fire. police say he might be dead if help hadn't arrived when it did. >> fortunately for him the police officers were on the scene and were able to rescue him out of the vehicle before he was injured or killed. so that's why, again, it's growing by intensity and severity. and trying to put a stop to this before anybody does get hurt or killed. >> reporter: firefighters got there just in time too not only to put the fire out but to see a man fitting this description
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running from the scene. police believe he could be responsible for 15 arsons in the area since may. he's described as latino,19 or 20. 5'8" to 5'10" with a slender build. coming up on mornings on 2 we're going to see if we can talk with a firefighter what special trade they learn skills that help police compile that sketch of the person of interest. live in sunny vale, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. that police sketch he just showed you is posted on our channel 2 website at you can see it again in the web links section on the front page. a critical vote is scheduled this morning for a controversial bart extension project. ktvu's jade hernandez is in oakland this morning. she's been getting reaction from riders. jade. >> reporter: good morning. how much is too much to spend on a bart rail extension to the oakland international airport? we're live at the coliseum bart station this morning where anyone traveling has to get off
6:34 am
here and then take air bart to the airport. we are live in oakland this morning. this morning we spoke to several passengers who scrambled to get change from the necessary $3 to get to the airport. many had already heard about the proposal to connect the oakland airport and the coliseum bart station with the tram. bart would spend between $68 and $120 in taxpayer money per new rider for the rail extension also known as the tram. here's an animation which gives passengers an idea of what this experience might look like. the tram would carry riders 3.2 miles on elevated tracks. the total price tag is set around $484 million. riders we spoke to this morning seemed to like the idea despite the cost. >> it's not that big a deal. it's just pretty easy to get on the bus $3 to get on. it's kind of nice to not have to -- just get on a train. it's like take bart to sfo, it's really easy. just kind of a nice option.
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>> reporter: two transsit advocacy groups rallied against the project saying bart express lanes would be cheaper a cost to taxpayers $15.86 per new rider. fast loading, vehicles, time traffic signals and dedicated bus lanes along at least part of the route. the metropolitan transportation committee will meet this afternoon or early this morning around 10:00 a.m. to set aside $20 million for the project. that meeting is set for 10:00. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. we have some more information on the power problems in san francisco now. pg&e crews have restored power to 5,000 customers in the western edition and laurel heights neighborhoods. here again are some live pictures of the area. there's now a new power problem though effecting hundreds of homes in the south of market area. you're looking at live pictures of crews working to try to fix that problem. it's not clear when the lights
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will go back on. in case you need it, your time is now 6:35. the grim search of an east bay landfill is due to resume at 8:00 this morning. police and volunteers in pittsburgh have spent almost a week looking for the body of frederick sales. the 35-year-old nursing aid from hercules has been missing since august 26th. investigators fear he may be the fifth victim of a deadly rampage. i i haveefren valdemoro is suspected of the killings. due back in court this morning charles raten house will ask a judge to lower his bail on charges of possessing explosives. police say they found bomb making material at his home in vallejo last week along with the bodies of his wife and his wife's friend. investigators have tied valdemoro to those two deaths. the a's have hired an architect to design a new
6:37 am
ballpark in san jose. mayor chuck reed says it's a big step in the right direction. >> once you have an architect on board you can begin to refine the plans, get details and begin to be prepared to answer the questions about the site itself and how it's all going to work. >> a's owner has chosen 360 architecture to build the proposed downtown ballpark. and the city of san jose is already in negotiations to buy the land. but there still is one big problem, the giants own the territorial rights to the south bay and the a's must get the approval of major league baseball before they can move. now we have posted more of the ballpark pictures at for you to take a look at. there's a slide show right on the slide show tab. all right. our time now 6:37. sal, i think they need your expertise in livermore right now. >> that's right. we do have pretty slow traffic there in livermore. i'll bring up a map to show you. in fact i don't know why all of a sudden it is -- there we go. had to move it over.
6:38 am
see all the red there? westbound 580 very, very slow on 580 in livermore just because of an earlier accident. now they're cleaning up a fuel spill in the left lane westbound 580 at airway. it should be out of there in about 20 minutes but the traffic is really bad. let's go out to live pictures now. traffic on 880 north and southbound is going to be okay if you are driving on northbound 880 trying to get up to the coliseum. it looks pretty good. when you get to the toll plaza it is a little bit busy now. westbound on 80 here at the toll plaza. looks like a typical morning commute. in fact this is the busiest we've seen it in a while. just give yourself plenty of time. 6:38. here's steve. thank you, sir. sunday had a lot of 70s and 80s. not now. started to drop yesterday and now we get a first full blown little front coming through and an associated low coming down look at that off the northwest
6:39 am
california coast. maybe even heading towards lake county with few little showers late this afternoon. just something to keep in mind mainly cool and windy though is the forecast message. it's going to feel very fall like below average temperatures and also very windy. it's already breezy now. things will pick up later on. the fog has lifted. that's also giving us this system fog and drizzle. light rain if you want. technically it's drizzle. but if you say light rain that's fine by me. mostly sunny this afternoon. on the coast fog bank get chewed up. windy, cooler today temperatures plunging for many this could be the coolest afternoon highs that we've seen especially towards the valley since may. sun and wind along the coast later this afternoon into early evening. and then clouds and possible showers off towards the north and east. probably out to the valley. but for us it's going to be a very cool day. you can see that system coming through. then a low off the oregon coast heading towards us as well. drizzle starts the morning off,
6:40 am
cloudy conditions, some sun later on, but the city 56 right now. we'll go 62 after yesterday's 60 because i think you'll get that system to come in and chew up the fog and low clouds. mt. tamalpais 20 degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. that's a big drop. 50s for everyone else. low 6 0z. windy in tahoe and truck key. windy out to the valley as well. there's why. there's the system dropping down. that's pretty dynamic for this time of year. low goes in, drops in and that could trigger showers off to the north and east. mainly today clouds, drizzle then windy and cooler with temperatures far below average. temperatures today will bottom out 50s, 60s and very low 70s. then start to slowly climb. but it's going to be cold thursday morning in wind protected areas and warmer friday and saturday. all right. thank you, steve. 6:40 is the time right now. trapped chile miners getting a new signal from the outside world. the technology that could help in the underground refuge. a student is attacked outside a classroom at a
6:41 am
vallejo high school. coming up we'll tell you what the suspect took from the victim during that attack. and what school officials are saying about extra security this morning. south of laredo, there's a place...
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so hot, rattlesnakes combust. ♪ but we go, cause ya gotta eat bold. [ male announcer subway fiery footlong subs. the bold-acious new turkey jalapeño melt and buffalo chicken. subway. eat bold! good morning to u. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the stories we're working on
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for you. today president obama flies to cleveland, ohio. he'll introduce more proposals aimed at boosting the economy. a series of new business tax credits and tax breaks. also this morning bp released its internal report on the gulf oil spill and put it on its website. in that report bp is spreading the blame around saying multiple companies and work teams contributed to that oil spill. today the california supreme court in san francisco hears arguments on lawsuits over state employee furloughs. at issue is whether the state constitution gives the governor the power to order workers to take unpaid days off. police are investigating a violent attack at a vallejo high school. claudine wong is at hogan high school with details of what led up to the incident. >> reporter: good morning. another school day is set to begin here at hogan high school. almost 24 hours after a student was stabbed in the face outside a classroom. we have talked to school officials this morning.
6:45 am
they say there's no extra security planned for this morning. police however are still investigating this case. and still trying to apparently find the person responsible. this happened about 7:45 yesterday morning on campus. police say a student here took out a pocket knife or something similar and slashed another student in the face several times. he also took $3 from the victim and then took off. the victim only suffered minor injuries and released from the hospital yesterday. at this point authorities are still trying to figure out what led up to that violence. >> according to the student who was accosted he thought the other student wanted money. so he tried to give him some money, but ended up with a cut instead. so it would only be speculation on our part how it all happened. >> reporter: used to be what are called student resource officers at the schools, police officers who are basically assigned to the campuses, but budget cuts to the police department are well known and that school resource program was cut in the middle of the
6:46 am
school year last year. we expect the principal to arrive in the next half hour or so. we expect parents and kids to start arriving here at school. there have been a couple arriving in the last couple minutes. so we're going to continue to get reaction from them and we'll bring that to you coming up on mornings on 2. live in vallejo, claudine wong, channel 2 news. 6:45. los angeles police are pleading for calm after a second night of violent protests in downtown l.a. what started out as a peaceful march ending with demonstrators setting off a small fire right in the middle of this street. also reports of people pelting a police station with eggs, rocks and bottles. 22 people were arrested, mainly for failing to disperse. the protests are all over the death of an armed guatemala man who was shot and killed by the police. remember the rodney king police beating 19 years ago? well, he's back in the news. he's getting married. rodney king will marry one of
6:47 am
the jurors who awarded him $3.8 million in the civil lawsuit against los angeles police. they reunited just four months ago. back in 1991, four police officers were caught on tape viciously beating rodney king. they were tried for using excessive force but later acquitted. that led to riots that left 55 people dead and more than 2,000 injured. new zealand has been rocked by more than 300 aftershocks since saturday's big 7.1 earthquake. with the largest aftershock happening overnight measuring 5.1. now it's forcing officials to extend a state of emergency for another week. no injuries have been reported from the aftershock so far but it is causing more damage to hundreds of buildings already damaged by the quake. time now 6:47. a fiberoptic signal brought some joy to those 33 chile miners still trapped underground. they were able to watch a live broadcast of a soccer match
6:48 am
between chile and the ukraine. there they are. they've been trapped inside the collapsed mine since august 5th. recent delivery of their understood ground refuge included an audio-visual system also use to hold video conferences with their families. the chile government is hoping to get them out of that hole by the end of this year. >> oh, boy. 6:47 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. all right. we've had very heavy traffic on 580 this morning approaching the livermore valley because of earlier problems. you can see how bad that is there. that continues to be our worst traffic issue. moving to live pictures we have slow traffic at the bay bridge. it is backed up for at least a 15 minute wait at the toll plaza. also this morning we're looking at 237. we have some slow traffic there as you cross 880 and continue off highway 101. for the most part in the livermore valley that's the
6:49 am
worst traffic in the silicon valley the traffic is not all that bad just yet. 6:48. here's steve. thank you, sal. good morning to you all. what a change compared to two days ago. we had sunshine, 80s and 9 0z. not now. started yesterday where we had the leading advance of that system coming in usheringed in a cooler pattern, breeze picked up and clouds are here and not only that but some drizzle. measurable amounts of drizzle. more on that in just a second. cooler and windy. drizzle, coast and bay right now. afternoon showers possibly more off towards the north and east. but i'll mention it since my forecast area seems to go from here to the oregon border and also out to reno. warmer into the weekend. gradually warmer. little bit next week if things continue to go as advertised we could be looking at not only drizzle but rain. let's not get ahead of ourselves. current temperatures 50s and very low 6 0z. 56 in the city. that's one of the coolest. 60 in fairfield. very windy for many. 63 san jose.
6:50 am
oakland hayward 60. livermore close upper 60s. there's another low that's what has to come by. that will usher in colder dynamic air. drizzle coast and bay. then windy and cooler. clouds in the morning then a break and then clouds pop up later on. 50s up in the mountains in advance of that system but showers possible later on. and also occurring right now in northwest california associated with this little low right there. so this is for the morning. that's giving us the drizzle. that should also wipe it out. there's some very cool air coming in. for this time of year cold air. fog gives way to sunshine and windy and cooler already breezy and blusterly. showers possible. lake county, eastern napa also so will no and contra costa later on. i'm probably stretching it but i'll mention it. 60s and 70s. cold tomorrow morning and then sunny, breezy and warmer friday, saturday and sunday. thank you, steve. 6:50 is the time right now. later today google of mountainview hosts annual fall search event. the company will discuss the
6:51 am
latest technological innovations and give a look at the inside of google search. some bloggers speculate that could mean new search tool that is would bring google closer to the automatic search that ceo discussed at a conference in berlin yesterday. let's check in on the numbers. higher this morning following some gains overnight and this morning in europe. the dow jones a live look at the big board is up about 53 points to 10, 394. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also posting some gains at this hour. google's an droid operating system now making up 16% of the smart phone market. apple's iphone with 16%. blackberry nearly number one with 18%. researchers say in the next five years no single system will be dominant. 6:51. ronldz reagan is going back to the big screen. we'll tell you about a new movie about the late president and the mistakes producers want to avoid while they shoot it.
6:52 am
also the bus that dared to tread on some uncharted waters. find out what happened to it and why it was there. good morning. traffic is moving along relatively well at san a fell as you can see southbound 101. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
all right. time now 6:54. let's go to tori to see what's coming up on mornings on 2. coming up in minutes we'll get reaction to the late nite decision by richmond city council concerning the fate of three popular schools. the big clue that sunny vale police are using to try to solve a recent string of crimes. recent string of arsons one that threatened a man's life. some good news for a local company that turns algae into a variety of products including jet fuel. they even got senator boxer to try some milk and cookies made from algae. those stories and more coming up on mornings on 2. now back to you on the morning news. >> all right. thank you. there will be soon be a new movie about former president ronald reagan. it's called, are you ready, reagan. the hollywood reporter says it will be about the life of the former california governor from his boyhood through his presidency. producers say it will be a lot different than the 2003 miniseries titled the reagans which reportedly was bias to
6:56 am
some people. this movie due to be released late next year. the actors have not yet been signed. we have some unbelievable video to show you. it's a picture of a bus crossing a flooded bridge in nicaragua. take a look at that. video taken last week by a documentary reporter for cnn. the bus apparently crossing here because the only other bridge out of town was completely washed away. we're not sure why these people had to get out of town right there. but everybody held their breath as the driver headed across the rushing waters. the bus did make it across. >> sit on it to weigh it down to add more weight to keep from tipping over i'm assuming. >> wow. >> incredible. >> dangerous. >> yeah. time now 6:56. let's go to sal. hopefully nothing that dramatic on our roads. >> not at all. you know right now we have slow traffic out there which is you know not dramatic but it's kind of a pain. and the commute here westbound going to be backed up for about a 20 minute delay at the toll
6:57 am
plaza. that's the biggest back up we've had for a while. 880 north and southbound here looking okay. we had an earlier crash northbound 880 approaching broadway. that's been cleared up. and the morning commute on westbound 580 again livermore coming from 205 is horrible. now here's steve. sal, thank you sir. big changes today. started yesterday. they continue today. drizzle along the coast and bay once that burns off and it will later on it will be sunny and windy. inland areas are going to stay really cool and possibility of showers later on. 60s almost for everybody or upper 60s and very low 70s. here's pam and dave. all right. thank you, steve. new bart extension project goes to vote this morning. and we want to show you what the route will look like. there it is. up next, the one thing that threatens to derail the entire project. we'll have more on that story coming up on mornings on 2. stay with us.
6:58 am
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